Throughout my life, I’ve always been a part of a group. Aside from my three siblings, I was a member of the cheerleading squad, track/cross-country team, ministry groups, and a sorority. I was constantly united with others who had the same goals and were of the same mindset. As a group, we’ve always reached, struggled, practiced, and enjoyed (or endured) striving towards these goals. Together, we succeeded or together we failed, we learned and matured together, and we became some pretty productive and accomplished people…together.

Just as a sports team has the goal to win each game and ultimately the championship, or a sorority to build their community by serving and preparing their members to be productive leaders of society, we as Christians have goals, as well. We are charged with glorifying the Father in all that we do, loving our neighbor, and spreading the name of Jesus. Sometimes, the hardest part is serving as if Christ was on the receiving end of our efforts. These common goals requires a lot of sifting, molding, and pruning by the Lord –- none of which will initially have anyone running to volunteer.

We willingly endured endless hours of practice in the scorching heat and rain, endless meetings to plan and create because we saw the benefit and purpose of the work, sweat, efforts, and time. It is when we witness the beauty of becoming a perfected masterpiece directly shaped by God, not only do we volunteer, we are first in line.

Fifteen years after being a part of a cheerleading squad as a cheerleader, I’m now a part as a coach. I plan practices, choose uniforms, and the Lord graciously allows me to get through cheerleading tryouts unscathed. Teaching these girls to trust each other, depend on their strengths, and graciously cover their weaknesses as they learn to work together isn’t easy. And, I mess up all the time.

But, y’all, we have a coach who gets it right every single time. We have a leader who connects us to vastly different people with pasts and personalities that don’t always puzzle piece fit with ours, but they’re the right sister at just the right time. The beauty in how the Lord brings us together to fulfill a Heavenly purpose is humbling. Each member of the Body was added with intention and purpose by the Lord to honor Him and serve His people – the soul sisters & the sisters who draw us nearer to the Lord. We’re all a part of the same team with a common goal.

Just as a team must learn to trust its' coach during heinous workouts, we have to be willing to endure the most uncomfortable experiences. We must be diligent in serving and relating as unto the Lord, so that we will not distract others from reaching the goals He has set before us. And, y’all, we honor God best when we honor God together in unity.


Alaina is a wife and new mama of twin girls who lives in the great state of Texas! She shares a ton of thoughts and lessons learned over at UnashamedGrowth and pictures of everyday life over on her Instagram account.