It's a grab of the hand, a sweet statement, an act of kindness thought to be unseen. It's those moments when you see your children growing before you. Changing, improving, succeeding.

We know it when we bring that tiny bundle home from the hospital, or welcome that precious gift given to us from another mother's womb. We know it when we hold them close and kiss their boo-boos. We know it when we watch them waddle into preschool, or playgroup, or kindergarten. We know they are going to grow up. Change, improve, and succeed. But we are still awestruck when we see it in the flesh. It's hard in the moments when you're stretched thin, exhausted and beat down, and maybe even doubtful. But still, we know.

I think the first time I saw it was when my middle child hugged me and said, "I luh yew. I poud a yew." I also remember seeing my oldest child mimic my hand gestures and repeat my words as I ripped into my husband in front of her one day (not my proudest moment, but the point still remains). I was awestruck in both moments, and the ones in between, that here they were, little people before me. Changing, and growing, and developing into characters of their own.

I have started to see that our lives as mothers are like that in a dark room. The old fashioned kind that photographers used to develop their film into tangible photographs. We live each day, capturing moments -- both good and bad -- and storing them in the film rolls of our hearts. Some we don't even realize we are capturing. Until we find ourselves patiently waiting. Watching each moment develop into a real life before us. The little souls that have been entrusted to us are becoming little lives that will impact and change others. They will do and be -- and we are earthly responsible for that.

I am so grateful that God allows us, as moms and dads, to be the photographers in the dark room. That as each day passes, we are gratified with seeing our young children transform. Even the hard days, we can be certain, will develop into new days, new weeks, new months, new years. Years that form an incredible slideshow of life. A life of changing, improving, succeeding.

If you are feeling discouraged or hopeless, not feeling that your days and weeks count, remember the dark room. Remember that what we capture and embrace in a moment will be transformed into something beautiful, by the grace of God. Go forth, mamas, and capture the moments -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Bring them to the dark room and trust God to do His work.


Laura Beth is a mom of three sweet girls and wife to one handsome husband, Dillon. She is owner of Pretty Little House, an interior design service with one mission: any home, big or small, with any budget, big or small, can be made beautiful. Follow her journey on Instagram and Facebook.