In the liturgy, a benediction is a bestowing of a blessing, at the end of a church service. I always love the benediction. It gently ushers me out into the world after I've taken in the intensity of the worship service. Sometimes the service is an earnest one -- full of challenges and calls to action. And sometimes it's one full of good news and grace and rest. Both are good. Both are vital to a flourishing life of faith.

And likewise today, I wanted to write you a weekend benediction. Many of you may have had challenging, soul-wrenching weeks. You find yourself entering this weekend hanging by a thread. And many of you may have had weeks full of joy and vitality. And the weekend comes with much anticipation of fun. Both are good. Both are vital to a flourishing life of faith.

This weekend, may you lay down the burdens of this past week. May you believe God's promise to take that yoke from you and let it sink deep down into your soul. May He do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine, according to His mighty power that is at work within us.

For those who have shed tears this week due to a kind of pain that seems unrelenting, REST TO YOU.

For those who have danced with joy this week because you’ve seen the fruit of an answered prayer, DELIGHT TO YOU.

For those of you in a holding pattern, unsure of next steps, and feeling the overwhelming ache of the unknown, PEACE TO YOU.

Mothers and sisters and daughters and wives...may you feel the presence of God so intimately that you hear your very own name whispered by the Spirit in the midst of your daily comings and goings. May you feel known and understood and so very loved.

I pray your weekend is a reset button on all that has piled up, that weariness wouldn’t define this season of your life, and that you find the consistency of Christ to be your resting place.

Bri Carlisle is a contributing writer for Thrive Moms and also loves writing on her personal blog, Woven, where she photojournals her life as a wife, and mother of two, living just outside of Philadelphia. She loves photography, running, diet coke, and everything about summer. Find her on instagram or twitter: @sheiswoven.