I have been a crafter all of my life. It is kind of a family legacy. I come from a long line of women whose creativity has always inspired me. I have been blessed to see God’s work in their lives as they use their gifts to create beautiful pieces of work.

When I was eight years old, my aunt taught me how to hand sew. Making throw pillows became my hobby. When I was nine, my great grandmother taught me how to crochet. All of my Barbie dolls had matching hats and skirts. In high school I learned how to use a sewing machine and I made quilts and later on, clothing. In college, I got into graphic design and creating something beautiful on the computer was my favorite. Now, having the opportunity to craft with my children is one of my favorite things. We love to paint, make collages, and sometimes just draw. I am making sure that the legacy continues on.

I have always considered sharing my designs and my crafts with others, but only recently did I find my niche. I found a way to combine my love of graphic design and beautiful jewelry to inspire and encourage people. Owning my own business has been a dream of mine for a very long time, but I wanted it to mean something.  In April, my little Etsy Shop, Rich Love Shoppe was born. I named it after my two precious children -- Donavon Richard and Evelyn Love

I have had so much fun and God has blessed me with new friends and a way to share His love through this adventure. I am currently giving a portion of proceeds to charities that touch my heart and love finding ways to give back and sponsor those spreading love. Finding a way to create beautiful items that inspire people and spread love has meant the world to me. I have no idea where this sweet ride God has placed me on is going to go, but I know that sharing His love and word through my shop is such a blessing. My favorite verse and the mission statement of my shop is Ecclesiastes 9:10, which reads: "Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might."

I hope to inspire you as well and I'd love to bless the Thrive Moms community with a giveaway! The winner will be announced Friday, June 12 and contacted by me


You can follow Rich Love Shoppe on Instagram and Twitter, or vist my Etsy store at www.richloveshoppe.etsy.com.