I was already overwhelmed by the chaos that was my inbox when I saw not one, BUT THREE meal calendar sign-up emails for new moms in our church.

As a woman who entered the world of motherhood via the twisting road of infertility and adoption, these new baby scenarios always touch a tender spot in my heart. I know how much food helps that delirious, precious, new momma...and I know blessing families with meals is a crucial part of the community and life of our church...but, I also know how hard it can be on my heart, and that on this particular day my knee jerk reaction was something along the lines of -- “Good grief, I’m lucky to get a meal on my own table, let alone the table of someone else!”

I dutifully opened the emails, tried to listen for God to tell me who He wanted to feed in spite of my bad attitude, clicked a few boxes and scribbled the names and addresses in my planner (Because crucial to the whole meal deal is actually remembering to take the meal on the assigned date).

Immediately, I knew that the feeling of wanting to bless these families would follow as I put feet to this small act of faith. I felt better having signed up in spite of myself.

Go figure that as the week rolled around for me to be my very own disheveled version of "Meals on Wheels," it happened to coincide with thirteen field trips, forty-two trips to the pediatrician, and every elementary school mother’s nightmare...the blessed Spelling Bee.

Somewhere between meal planning and the drive to the grocery store, my internal whining began again and I had to ask God to turn this duty into an authentic delight. I asked Him to give me a joyful, hospitable heart that loved others more than myself. And, because He’s awesome like that, HE DID.

Somehow putting together a casserole and make-your-own-sundae bar became a blast. I was excited and prayerful as I sauteed veggies and threw together a green salad. This duty had become a delight because it was no longer ME trying to be the blessing. It was HIM blessing me by blessing others through me. He took my junky attitude and used it as a funnel for His love. It had little to do with my effort and everything to do with my availability.

Now, isn’t that the truth about all of motherhood and ministry? He takes our stale loaves and stinky fish, and turns them into a nourishing meal that can bless the masses. And all we have to do is show up and offer what’s in our hands.

I was encouraged that day to continue asking God to turn my daily duties into delights as I allow Him to funnel blessings to others through me. And what continues to end of up happening is He blesses ME in the process. How awesome is He?

For more honest thoughts on things like meal calendars, motherhood, and missional living, you can find @kitty_hurdle at www.joelandkitty.com. Until then, take them a meal and be blessed.