Often as women, we hope to create an environment in our home that serves as a refuge from outside frustrations and a peaceful resting place after the end of a long day. The expectation and hope is that this asylum that we have worked so hard to create will endure and weather storms over time, both inside and outside our homes.

But, the reality is that we are all struggling with sin and it’s possible that we may come upon seasons when our homes aren’t as peaceful as they usually are and we need rest from the very place we found so much security and love in the past.

“… in this world you will have much trouble, but take heart. I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33

Within the heart-bonded communities we’ve built with our family and friends, and within the beautifully decorated walls, there dwell people who are truly hurting. There are people who are fighting to keep relationships and marriages in tact, fighting to keep their sanity, fighting to get through the day with a smile

Our girlfriends may be having difficulty resting in peace, therefore having a hard time living peaceably in trying situations. Our ministry leader may be fighting to desperately hold on, when it feels like it would be best to let go.

I know how sad it is to end your day realizing you hadn’t smiled once, that you’ve cried more than you’ve laughed. But, I also know that even on our worst days we serve a living God who sees us and loves us like no one else can. The God who has planned our every difficult moment also provides a safe resting place in those very same moments.

Because Christ offers us peace and joy, and because the Holy Spirit lives within us, we are efficiently equipped to handle the pressures of strained or even fractured relationships. And, above that, God is a healer of the broken and can redeem what we believe is lost.

This life is so much more than our ability to style our hair, create beauty, and plan flawless gatherings. We’re to do more than just “pray for our sisters”; we should be getting our hands dirty and stepping in to help her juggle when she’s too weary to keep up. Not because we’re super Christians with nothing else to do, but because we understand the impact this strengthened and supported woman of God can make for the Kingdom.

May we be a generation of women, of friends, of mommas who lift the hands of our weary sisters and step in when they need us. May we be a generation of women, of friends, of mommas who remind our weary sisters where true refuge can be found.

Alaina is a wife and mom of fraternal twin girls. She writes about her life over at her blog, Unashamedgrowth, and gives glimpses into her day over on Instagram.


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