Building relationships with other Christians and striving to be more like Christ is beautiful. But, there’s a sticky little something that can make these goals a bit difficult at times.


Redemption and restoration are found when we respond to each others sin as Christ does -- with grace and love. With a thick balm of grace, broken relationships and people can experience a healing that only Christ’s love can complete.

Imagine what our churches, neighborhoods, and families would genuinely be like if we handled sin and offenses the way Christ handles ours?

No judgment. No stone throwing. No gossiping. No loud gasps of appall. The truth is that we are all sinners and sinners gonna sin. It hurts and is often shocking. However, did we forget how fallible we are? That our hearts are truly wicked? Guys, our job in Christ is to not judge, but to accept people and not cause shame because of their sin. There are real consequences to sin, so what if encouraged our friends to trust God during the aftermath – no matter how big or small?

No matter how uncomfortable or public that consequence is, it will never separate us from Christ.

Can we remind ourselves of that? Our children and spouses? That we can love and support our people, but not their sin? What if we taught them that they don’t have to live in shame because Jesus’ death made us righteous in the Lord.

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced some heinous acts. Hurtful, shocking things have happened to us and because of us. Thankfully, God knew how our lives would unfold and he still chose to love us. If God can forgive and accept a sinner -- why can't we? Yes, sometimes we make the worst mistakes and intentionally decide to do things we never should -- but the Lord still covers us in grace, NOT condemnation.

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." - I John 1:19

Our children come to us searching for affection after a mess up. They want to know that everything is still okay. And, wouldn’t you say that they still deserve our love even after that mistake? Doesn’t knowing you are accepted give you a freedom and confidence to be honest and upfront in hard situations? It feels good, right?

Thanks to Christ, we are loved and accepted in spite of our missteps. He covers us with MORE grace the more we mess up.. He does it so that we could enjoy the freedom of a relationship with Him. And, what’s more beautiful than that?

Will you work on being more supportive to each other in hard times? You never know how your love and support could heal another's hurt and deepen their relationships with Christ.

Alaina is a wife and mom of fraternal twin girls. She writes about how life over at her blog, Unashamedgrowth, and gives glimpses into her day over on Instagram.