I'm the kind of person who is always looking toward the next thing. The next vacation, the next family milestone, the next creative endeavor, or weekend plan, or school year.  I'm flat out horrible at living in the present.

I've mentioned before that I itch for change every few years. And for a while I was on a roll with something major happening every two years or so ... starting a career, getting married, buying a house, having our first baby, having our second baby, moving to a new state. All big life milestones. Each one a dream come true.

But, since our last big move, life has been.....well....pretty darn still and steady. In a really beautiful, life-settling, put-your-roots-down kind of way. Sure there's been the normal ups and downs of marriage, raising very little ones, and letting God stretch me in new and sometimes painful ways. But for the most part, my circumstances have not changed much in the past few years. And that's not something to complain about! But for my restless heart, I've been sort of wondering... "What next, God? Something good? Something bad?! Some kind of crazy curveball?" I believe in His sovereignty. So I wholeheartedly believe He works all things together for our good.

I was reading in my Jesus Calling book recently and it really struck a nerve. It talks about how we, as humans, tend to be anxious about our future, always wishing we knew what was next. But that Jesus designed time to be a protection for us. He only gives us little bits of the journey at a time. And that's with a distinct purpose. We could never bear to see our whole entire lives all at once. Can you imagine? What would be the point to life anyway? There would be no reason to hope, to dream, to grow, or to seek God.

This really made me step back and realize how exceptional the gift of time really is. He doesn't give us something today that we're not ready for. Even if we think the next step could be nothing but a good thing. He lays the groundwork, one well-planned step at a time. I couldn't feed my infants solid food before they were ready, even though it was a really good and yummy thing. So, it's comforting to know that for my own protection, the events of my life never unfold too early or too late. Just right on time.

If I picture my life like a staircase that gets higher with each passing year, I want each step I put my weight on to be firmly in place. And since stairs are built from the bottom up, I can't go chasing heights that aren't in their proper place yet.

I want to enjoy the view from right here.


Bri Carlisle is wife to Mike and Mama to Ashley and Dillon. You can find her at her personal blog, Woven, where you’ll find a mixture of pretty pictures and heartfelt words. You can also find her frequently hanging out on instagram.