Holidays, like the one we celebrated this weekend, make me appreciate a different perspective as a mother…THEIR perspective. When I stop and try to see it through their eyes, it brings me so much joy. Just think about how huge and colorful those fireworks in the sky must seem to their little eyes. So magical!

It’s actually something that has been on my heart lately…to try and see things from their perspective more. The other day I literally knelt down to my daughter’s level in our kitchen, to see how she sees it. And wow, it seemed so different from her little height! She can barely see over our kitchen island, and it honestly floored me to see what she sees. Her lunch plate was right at her eyeball-level, and her cup of water looked really tall. Her climb up the bar stool seemed like a big feat, and her place mat looked huge.

It made me stop and think how their whole life is really seen from a different perspective than mine. And while that is so cute and makes me love their “little-ness” even more, it also tells my heart that this is something important to remember: what seems small to us as mothers, may seem huge to them as our children.

That washing machine that has been running all day long? There is a reason your little guy is standing there wide-eyed at the whole process. Putting on your makeup and jewelry before work in the morning? There is a reason your little girl wants to just stand and watch you in the mirror.

Whatever it is, it looks so big to them, because they honor you and look to you so much as their Mama.

And those hard days when it is easy to sigh and get frustrated with the to-do list, we have the opportunity to let them see us turn to God for guidance and energy. We get the privilege to show them that it’s okay to stop in our tracks and pray for a boo-boo. And even those times when we have to give ourselves a “mommy time-out” locked in the bathroom, we are showing them that it is okay to just step away and gather some strength from Jesus when we need it.

Letting this perspective be a part of your mothering shouldn’t add pressure. It should actually give you some relief that the things you do for and with your little ones, even those small, menial things, are more important than you realize. What a gift we get to give them in that!

The things we do -- the mundane, the hard, and the fun things…it is ALL important. And it is all building up the little souls God gave us to lead.

Their perspective of seeing God in us as their Mamas…it is so huge, friends.

Sarah is wife to Parker, and Mama to Abigail, Bethany, and Isaac.  She shares life at and on Instagram as @sarah.elizabeth.lowe. She is learning, daily, the importance of her role as a mother.