Being mama to two little girls and one baby boy is such a joy. Having a boy now has melted my heart in brand new, unexpected ways...ways I never imagined.

But I also love my little girly girls. I love the bows and the shoes. I love that they like to watch in the mirror as I brush their hair after bath. And on that note, I love the moments where they take the brush and try to do mommy's hair too...what special mother daughter moments that I can’t really explain.

I cannot even comprehend the sweet moments I have waiting ahead to share with my little girls.

But, along with all the ribbons and bows of being a girl, come the insecurities and doubts that the world and our enemy throw at us, even from such a tender little age.

The Lord is still scratching the surface with me on this, but I am burdened lately to begin the journey of understanding that as a mommy, I have a responsibility (that I am honored to hold) to show my daughter what a woman is.

I'm to show that it is more than just the pretty things that my little girls and the world around them are so enamored by. Just writing that statement makes me a little nervous, but also makes me excited. I feel amazed that God would pick me, with all my gunk and wounds and insecurities, to lead a little girl in the way she should go as a person, a girl, a woman, and possibly a wife and mother herself someday.


It makes me nervous for this reason: I have so much still in me; so much to be healed and so much to learn. So much confidence still to gain as a woman. I think though, that He is beginning to reveal that it is possible to actually be the woman He created me to be, the woman that my heart so longs to be.

And to become the woman, the wife, the mother, the daughter, the friend that I truly desire to be...I must first remember that I myself am a daughter above all else. A daughter of a King. Of a Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally and who has treasures and plans for me beyond my wildest imaginations. I am His princess...that's what the daughter of a King is, isn't it?

With any anxiety I have about raising my daughters to be women, I must remember that they also are daughters of a King. Of a Father who loves them more than I can know, which is just unfathomable to me, given how much I love them myself.

I guess the point of all of this for me is to declare before you that as a mommy, I feel an urgency to step into the role that God has for me as a woman who is completely secure in Him. And maybe you are being led to seek that too. Or maybe this is a time to ask for understanding and revelation about what being His daughter truly means. I'm not there yet. It will take lots of grace and patience, but I’m seeing just how important it is now.

To operate fully as the woman He made me to be, I must first operate fully as a daughter.

And so then, I will be able to pass this journey of grace and understanding on to my own daughters. I want them to know that they can feel secure. That their heart is the biggest treasure they have. That they will always be loved unconditionally and that they are perfect in His sight, and in mine too.

When the world begins to judge them, as it surely will, by their ribbons and bows, I want them to know that those things don't matter.

Because they are daughters who are Loved.

Sarah loves being mama to two girls and a baby boy. She shares life atwww.braveandsimple.com and on Instagram as @sarah.elizabeth.lowe