What if you knew how to build a house? A house so sturdy that it couldn’t be moved by the winds of change or the storms of adversity. What if your foundation was rock solid...so solid that even if the very floor beneath our your feet began to quake, you remained UNSHAKABLE?

We all have our days…or at least that’s something we tell ourselves and each other when waves crash in and the all our pieces begin to crumble. But, what if you didn’t have to have “those days”? We’re not talking about a facade. This isn’t about hiding behind pretty shutters while the walls are caving on the inside. We’re not talking about sweeping things under the rug. This isn’t a fixer upper. This is a brand new house. A completely new perspective. A total shift in the way we think.

We’re talking about building a home on the Rock of Ages.

We could let life continue to crumble us; patching and painting over and over like a never ending vicious cycle. Or, we could could let His life build us and make us unshakable moms for His glory. Strong. Sturdy. Unmoved. Established in His Unshakable Love.

We invite you to join us for Unshakable, our Fall Retreat streaming live on November 7th.  We are honored to once again offer you this free virtual getaway, where you can come as you are and be refueled and refreshed for the calling. You'll be able to tune in to this 3 hour online event on any device with an internet connection. Have some alone time and watch in your pjs or gather with friends around a pot of coffee.  However you decide to join us, we promise a time full of inspiration and encouragement, space to be still and listen, and time to worship and respond to what God is saying to you in this season of motherhood. 

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