“It’s BROKEN mama, FIX IT!”

Probably the phrase my three-year-old uses the most, but usually several octaves higher and more than several decibels louder than the average human ear can handle.

Whether he is eating or playing, nearly everything breaks in the chubby little hands of my toddler and it is wildly upsetting.  He throws himself on the ground in a fit of rage that inevitably breaks the broken thing more, causing more tears and more screams. When a granola bar or banana is broken it becomes inedible, when a toy comes apart it is no longer worthy of playing with, if a paper rips it cannot be colored on...and my toddler truly mourns it’s loss. You can talk until you are blue in the face about how the bar still tastes the same, the toy still has playing value, the paper is still worthy of coloring, but he cannot even hear you through his obsessive lamenting for what is now broken and gone.

It reminds me a lot of the world today.

Throwing away broken things, declaring them useless. Broken marriages, broken friendships, broken careers, broken kids. Refusing to see what can be saved, refusing to put in the work saving these things will require. We grieve what we have lost, we cry and complain, throw our own tantrums and move on.

I believe that us mamas we have a special role in this world. It is not a mistake that the Creator chose us as vessels for bringing life. We were chosen to nurture His creation, to love and be comforters, to be His beauty in hard cruel and broken world. I believe that being a mama is the most sacred, most holy, most important role that can be bestowed upon a woman. Out of all the endless opportunities available to us in America today, motherhood still trumps them all. Motherhood is God’s superglue, we have it in us to fix what is broken. You don’t have to have given birth to be a mother, you just have to unlock that thing inside of you that is crazy unfiltered. overwhelming. all-consuming love for another person. That thing is God’s gift and purpose for us.  He wants to use us to fix broken things in His world, on our knees and on our faces, loving out in ways that are impossible except through Him. And through those ways in Him we can bring healing and we can “fix” what seems broken and worthless to the world.

Amber Newberry is mama to four, founder of Beautiful & Beloved, and loves speaking truth to mamas through MOPS in Colorado.  You can connect with her on Instagram or Twitter as @ambervnewberry.

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