There is a brand new year ahead, and God is always beautifully in the business of making all things new. In the morning hours of January 1, I inhaled the loveliness of new mercies, new goals, new hopes, new dreams. After thinking through a list of goals, hopes and aspirations for 2016, the focus seemed to boil down into one word: Connection.

More connection with Jesus, my husband, my kids, and authentic community. My heart is hopeful that through an intentional connection; goals can be reached.

CONNECT WITH GOD: I want to connect with the Word in a deeper way and allow the pages to change my heart from the inside out. His life-giving words of Truth have the ability to permeate the areas of my heart where I am weak. His promises can be the motivation, wisdom, and discernment to stay on that diet, be a wiser mama, and love my husband deeper. The Scriptures embody the answers to every goal, resolution, hope, and dream. Such beauty and comfort to know that He wants His daughters to flourish. There are some days I don’t fully believe this. Yet, my heart's desire is to live out His truth and believe His intentions.

CONNECT WITH MY FAMILY: I want to plan a few last minute lunch dates, go on more walks, look in the eyes of my kiddos more often, put down the phone, tablet, and, computer, enjoy singing-parties in the living room, ride go-carts with my son, and twirl like ballerinas with my daughters. I long to connect with the hearts of my kids and not just their behavior. To seek discipleship over constant discipline. I don’t want to allow the stress of my days to determine my level of connectedness with my family.

CONNECT WITH COMMUNITY: We are indeed better together as a body of believers. I don’t want distractions and the busy-ness of this life to deflect from the need to be in authentic community. Intentional relationships make us better women. Yet, intentional relationships take real effort and require time. I want to spend this new year elevating community, even in the midst of this busy life. I so want to prioritize this important connection.

I know there are days when I will stumble on this season of Connectedness. The purpose of this new year is not perfection, rather, to gain greater intimacy with the One who birthed this dream of authentic connection in my heart. My mama-wife-co-worker-friend-daughter-heart is praying and hopeful for a more connected new year.


Susan is Wife to Ed and Mama to three courageous kids from Ethiopia. Susan blogs about life, kids, ministry, Church, adoption, marriage and anything else that moves her heart or crosses her thoughts. She loves connecting with other Moms on her blog ( or on Instagram as @SusanWanderer.