The year I became a mama, my daughters were three and six, and my son was fourteen.  I was in the unicorn and rainbow stage of parenting. As in, “I can be Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, and June Cleaver all wrapped up into one!”

I had a moment of forgetfulness mixed with a bit of insanity. In 37 years of living, NEVER had I been good at anything that involved crafts, olive oil, or tea length skirts. Martha, Rachel, and June are not my soul sisters. I greatly admire their incredible qualities, but I was forcing this relationship with them.

During my first year of parenting I overcommitted a bit at each of my children’s Back-To-School Nights. But with a mentos-smile, thumbs up, and a “I can do that!” attitude, any teacher will sign you up for anything… no matter your skill set.

During my first preschool open house, I sat beside my Amharic speaking, newly Americanized, three-year-old, with information papers in hand and butterflies in my belly. I was so excited, I wanted to hug every parent and high five every kid.

The teacher had a list of parent positions written on the board.  My fellow parents jumped up and ran across the room to sign up.

My goodness they must be so enthusiastic to help!

Now, five years later, I realize, enthusiasm was not their motivation. They wanted to make sure they got the good-stuff-assignments.

That day I ended up with a February assignment: Make chocolate scented play dough for the class. (The recipe was attached.)

Bless. My. Heart.

I’m not sure which was more unbelievable:
1. That I would actually be able to successfully make this concoction.
2. That I would keep up with this paper-recipe until February.

Neither happened.

As a child, the newness and excitement of textbooks, pencils, homework, and projects usually was gone by September 20th. As a mom? SAME.

And now I sit, staring at a brand new 2016.  New year, new intentions. I would prefer my good intentions and goals make a mark past January 29th. I want to be a goal-completer this year instead of a non-chocolate-playdough-maker.

However, during these days of January, I remind myself of everything I am NOT instead of what I am. I self-talk my way out of every resolution and goal I dreamed about. New Years resolution slumps apparently call for self-deprecation.

This January, instead of self-talking my short-comings, I am going to remind myself of God’s powerful promises for His daughters:

God is for us and not against us! (Romans 8:31)
God has a plan for us, to prosper us and not to harm us! (Jeremiah 29:11)
God is strong when I am weak! (2 Corinthians 12:10)
God never fails! (1 Corinthians 13)
God is victorious! (Romans 8:37)
God is faithful! (Psalm 89:8)
God equips! (Ephesians 3:20)
God loves my children far deeper than I can dream or imagine! (Deuteronomy 6:4-7)

Ladies, let’s give ourselves a break from our weaknesses this New Year and rest in the promises of our very faithful, for-us, strong, never-failing, victorious, equipping, loving God.


Susan is Wife to Ed and Mama to three courageous kids from Ethiopia. Susan blogs about life, kids, ministry, Church, adoption, marriage and anything else that moves her heart or crosses her thoughts. She loves connecting with other Moms on her blog ( or on Instagram: @SusanWanderer