It is such an honor to be able to share our brand and the story behind Braid. Braid, the newest brand under Graceful Remedies LLC, has been such a labor of love. Braid’s concept originated in February 2014 out of a desire to provide wholesome, clean, and pure products for the home and body. What started out as a small, one woman owned and operated venture, quickly turned into a husband and wife team. With the help of many others, we have developed an entire homeopathic product line geared towards women, babies, kids, and the home. We also have a men’s line and brand, Beard & Tackle. We strive to be transparent in the quality and care put into each product. Each and every product is hand crafted in small batches to ensure its' perfection.

As a socially conscious business, we strive to always put people first. We have a heart to serve others through our products. Our mission, #3CordCrew, focuses on giving back to a non-profit; Hope Supply Co., which aids homeless children. For every Braid purchase, 10% of profit goes directly towards transforming the lives of homeless children. We believe it should always be people over product, and that is the driving force of our purpose and passion.

Our story starts back several years ago, when the Lord planted this dream of Braid. It has taken six years to cultivate and manifest itself into the wonderful brand it is today.

Radical Grace. Its’ transformative power rescued me and completely changed my life. It has been amazing to see and experience the Lord’s provision and plans unfold, even when I wasn’t aware of the paths I’d go down. Sometimes in our own routine it can be hard to see the Lord’s presence in our lives. For me, God spoke directly through perfect strangers and in an unfamiliar, non-routine place.

One Sunday, after we had finished worshipping with our congregation, we stopped by another place of worship to support a friend who was debuting a new worship song he and the worship team had written. It just so happened that their congregation had been studying prophecy and we found ourselves sitting next to an unknown woman who felt urged to speak a word of prophecy over us. She spoke a simple encouraging prophecy over us and said -- “A strand of three cords is not easily broken.” As she continued speaking and praying over us, I became overwhelmed in emotion as she spoke into my heart the very promises that I needed to hear. I had been praying for a change, connection, and bond in my own life and marriage that I had yet to experience. It was as if the exact words on my heart were being spoken. Seeing my overwhelming emotion, the pastor, not knowing us, was witnessing the Holy Spirit doing something right there in that moment. He invited us to the front; we reluctantly agreed to go up to the front, when what we really we wanted to do was run away in fear. The pastor further prophesied that the Lord had much more for us and that we were going to do more and be more as a team, working together for His goodness. We left feeling unsure of what to make of it and honestly didn’t take much else into consideration. 

Fast forward six years and here we are in the midst of developing this brand. My husband and I began meeting with a graphic designer to help us concept a logo and brand name that would encompass the vision we had created. We explained with great detail our products and how we intended to serve our customers so he could start creatively developing a design. Over the years, the prophetic experience we had, remained in the back of our minds but we didn’t give much thought to it. When the designer unveiled his interpretation of our concept, Braid, he told us that he could not get this name out of his head. No other idea, concept, or image felt right to him. We had been praying together through the process that God would intercede and make this brand be what He wanted. The second I heard and saw the concept, I was struck by the vision and word prayed over us many years ago, Ecclesiastes 4:12, “A strand of three cords is not easily broken.” In which some versions read ‘braided.’ It is not coincidence or luck. We never once mentioned this prophetic experience that we had several years before. I truly believe this is the purpose, calling, and dream that God has placed on my heart for Him. This process has not always been easy. And there have been plenty moments of doubt and fear, but I’m constantly reminding myself that fear is of the enemy. Each day I choose not to live in fear of the future and unknowns—trusting in God’s process and where He’s leading me and this brand.

Braid is truly a work of God’s masterpiece and timing. My prayer for each woman and mother reading this is that you would press into your own unique story, let go of fear, and latch on to His incredible calling. You were created for great purpose. You are beautiful. You have much worth for His Kingdom.

Braid is happy to announce the launch of our new website and updated look coming this February. Stay tuned through our social media handle: @batchremedies and Braid would love to extend a special offer to Thrive Moms of 15% OFF purchase with the code THRIVEMOMS, we hope you are blessed by our products.

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