Retreat Partner Feature: Jelly Telly

We're excited to take some time this week to introduce you a bit more to our Thrive Moms Retreat Partners. These partners help us in making retreat available and FREE to you! Take some time this week to read their inspiring stories and check out these great companies! 

We are so thankful to be a part of the Thrive Moms retreat this year! We pray that it is a time of refreshment and joy for each of you. Thanks for allowing JellyTelly to be a part – we are thrilled to introduce JellyTelly to you! 

We love good stories, and we know that the greatest story ever told is the story of God and his love for us. We know the world tells a different story - a story where God is a fairytale at best, and doesn’t exist at worst. 

That doesn’t make it easy to raise Christian kids. And while we don’t have it all figured out, we’re passionate about telling authentic stories and bringing the truths of the Bible alive for kids and parents. 

JellyTelly is a place where God is real and His Word is true, and your kids can find hundreds of hours of shows and movies that they will love and you will trust. 

Our passion is to help you raise your children to have a resilient faith in an ever-changing culture. Because at the end of the day, you have the greatest influence in your children’s lives - but we all need a little help, a “start here” and a place to go for “oh my gosh how do I talk about THAT with my kids?”. 

“Screentime” is such a buzzword - and for a lot of moms, hearing it brings a mixture of relief (hallelujah! I can do the dishes!) and guilt (are we really watching this episode AGAIN?). That’s why JellyTelly is a partner for your family beyond the screen. When you sign up for JellyTelly, you get instant access to our popular 5 Minute Family Devotional Videos, printable activities, encouraging and idea-filled blogs just for parents, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your kids are learning about God from every show they watch.

It’s our prayer that we’ll be there for you, a partner for you as you have the conversations about Jesus that really matter for your kids. Keep us tucked in your back pocket and we’ll do our best to be there when your kid asks a hard question, or needs a conversation about the fruit of the Spirit, the resurrection, or just a little reassurance about that tricky Abraham-and-Isaac story. 

We can partner with you in a few ways. You’ll find plenty of resources at our JellyTelly Parents blog, from stories from parents like you to research to printable activities. You can also check out the JellyTelly app, the only streaming video app just for kids - with over 300 hours of streaming Christian videos. Your kids will love having their very own video app and you will love the peace of mind that comes from knowing they can only access quality Christian content. 

Will you join us? We want to help your family flourish. Visit to learn more. 


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