It’s a mantra we’ve heard a thousand times, often in jest and joking…but I want to present it to you today as possibly one of the best things you can hear as a mother, and charge you to actually believe it.

You do YOU.

Don’t do her. Don’t do them. Don’t do Pinterest, or Facebook, or whatever it is that causes you to compare and doubt your own abilities and worthiness. They aren’t you and they aren’t your kids’ mother. You are! And God is the one who orchestrated it that way.

He has a perfect plan for your unique family that sets you apart as the mother to your specific children. YOU are their mom for a reason. He hand-picked you, He formed them in your womb or your heart, and made you perfectly part of the Master plan.

Quit looking to your right and to your left, and look in the mirror…and see you. See that beautiful, worthy woman who has been given a high calling as a mother. See yourself how your little people see you, as a hero and as a tower of strength.

Here’s the exciting part…you know what else you’ll see in that mirror? Jesus.

Remember that you are made in His image, that you were designed by the hand of a God who knows just what He is doing. He didn’t mess up His perfect plan for His kingdom with you. You and your role as the mother to your children is His ordained and divine vision of just how His kingdom should grow.

So, the next time you start down that ever-tempting comparison game, the next time you start entertaining the lies that you aren’t good enough…go back and look in the mirror and see His perfect plan. YOU.


Sarah is a mom of 3 with #4 on the way. She loves to share vulnerable life on her blog at, and on Instagram as @sarah.elizabeth.lowe.


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