Disney commercials tell the world that Disney can write the best stories for our families.  While I too love a little of the mouse-eared-kingdom-magic, I have discovered the best stories actually dwell within my family as we sit around the dinner table or during our daily Carpool Conversations.

While all five of us share the highs and lows of our day we learn nuggets of information that makes our pulses quicken with excitement.  We also discover the discouragement that can loom in the corners of each of our hearts.

These moments and stories help us connect on a deeper level and begin to shine light on the discouragement that may sneak in to speak negativity to our souls.  It creates empathy in us to hear a struggle that one of the members of Team Wanderer is experiencing.

These are not Norman Rockwell moments of perfection. There is much “Please be quiet, your sister is talking now”.  Family connection is worth the chaotic moments of “Shush, its not your turn”.

I am slowing learning that this life is jealous for our time and affection.

Busy-Life begins to creep in and distract us from Connected-Family-Life. Busy-Life wants to take over our family story and convince us that connection is not reality.  After a few weeks of this distraction, I begin to see a change in the temperature of our little clan.

My Mama-heart wants to fight with all my might for the Connected-Family-Life and put Busy-Life in a corner and tell it to take a long time out.

I don’t want to be distracted. I want to breathe-in the magnificent moments when my kids are storytellers, dancers, dreamers and theologians. Those moments are where full-bodied-joy reigns and discouragement has to find a new home because it's been kicked to the curb. 

Family Connectedness reminds each individual in our little clan that there are four other humans who will believe in their dreams, vision and hopes. It reminds them that they matter.

Family Connectedness creates room to believe the impossible for each other.

Susan is Wife to Ed and Mama to three courageous kids from Ethiopia. Susan blogs about life, kids, ministry, Church, adoption, marriage and anything else that moves her heart or crosses her thoughts. She loves connecting with other Moms on her blog (www.susanwanderer.com) Facebook or on Instagram: @SusanWanderer