Motherhood is one of the most sacred and holy things a woman can do with her life, and in our hearts we absolutely know this to be true. Yet, sometimes it’s harder to convince our heads than it is our hearts.

Like when the house is a mess and our babes are ungrateful and ever demanding. Like when we look a complete hot mess and we are at our wits end because no one will put on their own stinkin shoes.  Like when we finally sit down after everyone is in bed and you hear a little voice that NEEDS to tell you something and you scream from the couch “TELL ME TOMORROW!!!”

Those are the times motherhood can feel less than holy, less than lovely, less than what you dreamed it would be. I know there have been lots of moments on my journey of motherhood when I longed to be more, do more. When the title of mama has felt small and unimportant to me in the big world. Maybe you have felt it too? Like maybe your calling was to be bigger than just babies. 

But really, there is no bigger calling than our babies, friends.

There are definitely callings that we have outside our homes and families, and it is incredible to follow those callings. What is not incredible, is to despair in your calling as mother,  thinking that something else is bigger or better. I promise there is NOTHING bigger or better than what you are doing within your own family.

Recently, my sweet friend Brandi took her parents with her to Uganda where she runs a non-profit organization that empowers single mamas and windows (beauty for ashes Uganda). While they visited villages, and celebrated well openings, and danced with kids who finally get to attend school, the women they were there to serve noticed something…..

“The thing that touched me most was watching how much Brandi's parents showed love to her. In Uganda, if a person is a single mother the parents chase her away and abandon her. But Brandi's parents love her so much. Even us as single mothers, it makes us want to love our children well - no matter what. Then, who knows what we will raise? Our children may change the world." – Margaret, from Palaet Village

Yes, Brandi is doing an incredible thing in Uganda, but it is because she has been loved well, encouraged, and supported by her family that these women and their families are empowered (nearly 1,000 mamas!). Entire generations are changing. The love given to Brandi, who is also a single mama, by these women makes them want to love their own babies better.

Can you imagine anything more holy or lovely? You have no idea the impact you are making in this world by loving your babies well. You have no idea the incredible things God has planned for you and those babies He birthed through you. 

Can you imagine a calling that is more than this?

To love our little ones well, to raise them to change the world? I know you have heard this one (at least) hundred times before, but what you are doing is important. It matters. And it doesn’t just matter to those babies you tuck into their beds seventy-five times each night, it matters to the world and to the kingdom of God.


Amber Newberry is the founder of Beautiful & Beloved a ministry dedicated to freedom and empowerment.  Amber has four littles ages 8-3, and lives in the mountains of southern Colorado. She enjoys speaking to groups all over about what it means to live believing that you are Beautiful & Beloved.