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"Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love." -1 John 4:18 

This verse can sometimes can be discouraging as many of us moms still struggle with fear. "Well I still fear so I guess I've missed the boat." Yet this verse ISN'T about being flawless/perfect. It's about walking out our lives daily with Christ and letting HIS PERFECT LOVE radiate our plans, bodies, and families. Let's dig into this verse and see the HOPE and FREEDOM that is in it, and not see it as just another place we don't have it together. Let's see this promise as it is. The amazing opportunity to get more of the kingdom, to be saturated with His Love in each of our daily choices, when we push through fear by walking forward hand in hand with our father in HIS perfect love. 

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Breena is married to Andy, a pastor in the Columbus, OH area and together they have four beautiful children. One of their sweet children, Zekey, went Home to Jesus in 2014 after suffering for two years due to a rare, neurological disorder called Batten Disease. Breena and Andy have been through a lot of ministry hardship as well as the loss of their child together. Through it all, they have learned that God is out to redeem what has been broken and to live out our Hope in Jesus, clinging to the truth that, because of Jesus' death and resurrection, they will see their boy again - there is great Hope beyond the grave.

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As God's children living in a fallen world, experiencing betrayal and disloyalty from people we hold dear is more a matter of when, than if.  Loving others through the pain they have caused you isn't our innate character, but it is God's character. Join Karen as she shares her journey of overcoming heartbreak through the betrayals of her church, her husband, and some of her closest friends, with the undeniable love of Jesus through her. 

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Thuy shares how she took her love for crafting and her own creativity to create a workshop within her community where moms, creatives, and women could come together and build friendships, inspire, and fill up their tanks.

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As moms we can live under a constant ticker-tape, reminding us of all the places we’ve failed — the gaps in our parenting and in our life. Albeit subtle, this eye we have on what we’re not can slowly lead to a heart that’s been dulled towards God and is bone-dry. Through the lens of His Word, we’ll take a look at how God sees us during the 7:32am morning rush, and at 12:17pm when we’re tasking through our day, and at 9:36 in the evening when we’re changing laundry and mulling over how we could’ve done it all different. We’re going to seek Him for fresh insight on His kind eyes toward us in our weakness.

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