Do it for you

Do it for you

Let’s talk about you mama,

Let’s talk about your body, the place where the Holy Spirit chooses to dwell and the space where God knits together tiny humans.  Lips that heal booboos with a kiss and arms that comfort with a caress.  How are you caring for your body sisters?

I don’t mean watch what you eat and drink a gallon of water daily {although those are pretty good things}. I mean what do you do that makes your body feel good.

I have recently began Holy Yoga and daily meditation.

I feel like I would be failing you as a part of the Thrive Moms team if I did not share with you how incredible both of these things have been for me.  I do know that yoga is not for everyone, so might I suggest that you could replace yoga with any kind of quiet and reflective exercise for yourself, walking or hiking maybe even a little bike ride.

The act of worship with your body, an exercise of breath and quiet, concentrating on the creator and what His desires are for you is VITAL to being the mama that you desire to be.

The energy that comes from time alone with the Lord, getting a little sweaty, getting a lot praisey, is incredible.

The space inside that this time creates is space to grow, space to learn, space to hear from God.

I know it’s hard. I know getting away seems impossible, believe me I KNOW.

I am not suggesting you need an hour a day every day, start small 30 minutes 3 days a week.  Can you do that?  Is it worth the incredible feeling of getting healthy spiritually, mentally, and physically?   

Here are some ideas…join a gym that will watch your babies, hire the high school girl down the street to come over after school while you walk, hop on youtube and do holy yoga in your pajamas during nap time.  You make time for what you care about, this is something you need to care about, for you and for your sweet babies.  

Make the time loves.  Make the time this week and let me know how it goes.  Find me on Instagram @beautifulandbeloved and let’s encourage each other.


Amber Newberry is the founder of Beautiful & Beloved a ministry dedicated to freedom and empowerment.  Amber had 4 littles ages 8-3 and lives in the mountains of southern Colorado, she enjoys speaking to groups all over about what it means to live believing that you are Beautiful & Beloved.


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