I’m sitting here laughing, and crying a little, because it’s hard to believe I even have the necessary components to write a “mom blog,” the necessary component being a child. You see, I thought I might never be a mom at all. In 2010 my hubby and I decided we were ready to start our family. One, two, Three, FOUR years passed and we were staring smack dab at an ugly stat, a less than 3% chance of getting pregnant without major medical, a.k.a. EXPENSIVE help. Those were some hard days, but some beautiful ones as well. God taught us so much during that time; I look back on those days with such tenderness and appreciation.

There were lots of tests, tests, and more tests. We started saving as much money as possible for IVF and we even got licensed to foster with the hopes of adopting. But in 2014 I started seeing my doctor for “stomach ulcers,” then came down with the “flu” and then one fateful Sunday I went to church fighting through a “stomach bug.” The next day I realized all my “ailments” were nothing short of a miracle; we were pregnant with our miracle baby. Emma Jayden was born on October 6, 2014. Ya’ll she is so perfect. Those first few months, I literally could barely look at her without my eyes welling up with tears because I was so unbelievably grateful. And lord, praying over her at night before bed I was a blubbering mess. Surely I would always be this thankful, right?

I would love to say yes; I would never take our sweet girl for granted or get frustrated at her tantrums. Or complain about the monotony of being a stay-at-home mom. But the truth is, how short my memory is. The miracle can get buried under diapers, tantrums, battles over food, lack of adult conversations, you name it, it happens. However, the one thing that continues to remind me of the miracle over the minutia, and to see the why behind the what of motherhood is God’s Word.

Having scripture in front of me all the time keeps me from sinking into the pit of discontentment and self-pity dug by my soul’s enemy. Just a few months into this journey of motherhood I knew I needed a creative outlet and I had a deep passion for encouraging other women, moms, and moms-in-waiting going through struggles, or who simply needed a reminder of who God is. Enter The Porterbox.

The Porterbox offers vintage scripture and custom jewelry. I believe being able to wear something encouraging every day to focus on in those hard or discouraging moments can make all the difference. The Bible says in Proverbs 3:2 to bind the scriptures around your neck and to write them on your heart... well The Porterbox is taking that quite literally. And after our journey with infertility, it has always been a dream of ours to help families facing the mountain of infertility expenses. The Porterbox does that through our infertility fundraisers. It is such an honor to hear these women’s stories and be able to help in some small way.

I would love to have you check out our website and hear your story.  For this month use the code THRIVEMOMS to get 20% off your order at theporterbox.com.