How I Found My Labor of Love.

It’s funny. There have been so many times since I started working on opening up my small home based business, TastySalt a few months ago that I thought, gosh, if I had started this before my daughter was born, I could get so much more done. 

I work about 24 hours a week in addition to devoting super early mornings, nap times and daddy day-outs to building my business. So, I’m pretty busy. I try really hard to protect the time that I have with my daughter and not sacrifice it to designing hats, working on social media pieces or tinkering with my Etsy Shop. But, ITS HARD. In fact, as I type this right now, I’m in violation of my commitment. Ugh!

But, the truth is, if I wasn’t a mom, I don’t think I would have ever, ever embarked on this business. I always dreamed of something more, more responsibility, more creativity, more freedom and more ownership over how I utilize my effort, time and gifting. But, moving past dreaming to action. Without my daughter I don’t know if I would have ever discovered the proper motivation. The proper motivation for me is the desire to be even more available for her. The paradox is that right now, I’m even a little bit less. Sad. 

But, every day that I choose work over sleep, work over working out ☹ and YouTube videos about building a social media empire over the last 20 episodes of Nashville, I’m doing so with the goal of replacing my 24 hour a week income with the profit from my business to gain more freedom with how I structure my life and make choices as a parent. It’s a big time-expensive, energy-expensive gamble. But, today I’m still super excited and thankful for it. Win, lose or draw, I still got to make a lot of bright, beautiful hats that help people share their love for Jesus!

Visit my Etsy Shop to check out what gets me super excited to get out of bed super early before my daughter wakes up, TastySalt™ (Be Seasoned with Christ’s Love, Mark 9:50) and use promo code: THRIVE to save 15% thru May 31st. Shop here. 

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