Every Day Is An Easter

Every Day Is An Easter

You know, in my mind, Easter morning was supposed to have gone much better than it did. My husband and I were supposed to get a full night's rest (a girl can dream), kids were supposed to wake up happy and centered on Jesus, then everyone would be surprised by beautiful baskets. We’d have warm breakfast together, dress in crisp Spring clothes and head to worship with our church family. Right?

The trouble was--reality.

The kids were awake all night and before the sun was up they were pillaging their baskets unbeknownst to us. Then, a certain parent, who will remain nameless, let the kids go play in the (muddy) backyard in their Easter clothes. I’d tried to stay calm but the minute I laid eyes on the big smear of mud down the back of my son’s dress shirt, I lost it.

I let out a defeated sigh and sternly said, “Son, what were you thinking? You’d better figure out a way to cover up all that dirt. Put your coat on so no one can see.”

As soon as the words left my lips I recognized what my heart was really feeling.

You’re dirty.

You’d better figure out how to cover up all that mess.

You wouldn’t want anyone to see you as you really are. 

Of course, all I could think was, “Well, Happy Easter to you, too, Mom.”

It was Easter morning for Peter Rabbit's sake and the exact thing Jesus came to do--wipe the slates of our dirty souls clean, cover and remove our filth, free us from hiding and self-protection--was the exact thing I was demanding of my son to do for himself. And,too often, it’s the mentality I live with in my own life. 

We got to church (15 minutes late) and my heart was immediately warmed by the Scripture-filled songs and the fellowship of other believers. Of course, then I realized I had left my straightener on causing me to leave mid-service just to prevent a house fire. But as I left the church, I couldn’t help but praise God the Father for initiating His redemptive plan to cleanse the human heart. I kept thanking Jesus for covering and removing my sin nature and begged the Holy Spirit to align my heart to the truth of Easter. And hey, by the time I got home, I was actually thankful for having to go home because it meant at least one of us had time to brush her teeth.
"Life is always double. There is an outer form in which it presents itself to our senses; and there is an inner spirit which is the vital quality. But this inner, spiritual, immortal element—can be found only through the dying of the outer and temporary form. The golden grain must be buried in service or sacrifice of love—that from its grave may rise that which is unseen and eternal!"


Kitty Hurdle is a missionary, momma and majorly obsessed wife who is sooo thankful to have her sins covered AND removed. How have you experienced this in your life? She’d love to hear! You can connect with her at Joelandkitty.com or on Instagram: @Kitty_Hurdle

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