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When my husband and I began the adoption process over three years ago, we were overwhelmed by the cost of adoption that we were getting quoted. We called hundreds of agencies and attorneys all across the United States and were being quoted anywhere from $22,000 to $55,000. I remember sitting in my kitchen floor one night, crying such an ugly cry that I was unrecognizable in the reflection of my oven door, and my sweet husband holding me in his arms, comforting me, telling me that Jesus wouldn’t call us to adoption and not provide us with every penny we needed to make it happen. We immediately began fundraising and we were able to raise $7,500 in 51 days. In that 51 day period, I came into contact with an adoption attorney whose average adoption was $14,000, but he had not had a successful match in over 14 months. He was using antiquated advertising techniques which consisted of spending around  $18,000 per year on the Yellow Pages (phonebook ads). For some reason, God was directly telling us to sign with this attorney and He gave us such a peace about this decision. Three weeks later we were matched with our precious expectant mother. 

After matching with Crystal, our expectant mother, we still had four months of waiting until our daughter, Ila Mae, made her grand appearance. In that four month period, I began reaching out to other women who were also pursuing adoption, but had not been matched yet. The first person I connected with was Elizabeth Bordeaux, now my ministry partner and co-founder of Quiver Full Adoptions. Elizabeth and her husband, Chip, were attempting to raise $30,000 for their adoption, but had not signed with an attorney or agency yet. Over the next few weeks, Elizabeth and I began getting to know each other and formed a friendship like nothing I had ever had before. She got me. She understood where I was because she was walking the same journey. It was beautiful.

Elizabeth had worked in marketing and advertising for several years, and when I heard of her background, I suggested we meet for lunch. Over the course of many hours, Elizabeth and I came up with a marketing strategy for her to connect with an expectant mother. Six months later, she was matched with her precious birth mom, Brandi, and four weeks after that she was holding her son, Grant, in her arms. 

After Elizabeth and I had our babies home with us, we felt an urgency to help our friends “self match” with expectant mothers using the marketing strategy we created together. Five of our friends who were pursuing adoption, but had not successfully matched through agencies and attorneys, agreed to use our marketing strategy. All five couples had their babies home with them and in their arms in less than five months for less than $10,000 per adoption. Adoption professionals started reaching out to us asking us to speak at adoption conferences. We spoke at four adoption conferences over the following year, growing our burden of helping couples afford adoption and being a resource for couples who were lonely throughout the journey.

Quiver Full Adoptions officially launched in January 2015 and it has been a beautiful experience of walking beside each of our clients through every step of their adoption journey. We have had 20 children go to their forever families and seven families are currently matched and waiting on delivery of their little ones. Our average wait time from the time a client is active until they are matched is currently 110 days and the average cost of our adoptions is $10,000. 

When God gave us the vision of Quiver Full, we never imagined that as ordinary moms we were would be good enough for such a ministry. God continued to equip us and push us further into our roles as adoption consultants. He provided every ounce of knowledge and every nudge when we felt like giving up! God continues to bless us and the families we work with that are pursing children through adoption. We are so eager to see how God uses Quiver Full in the years to come.

We would love to connect with any couple who is currently pursuing or considering adoption and looking to engage in an active pursuit of their child through self-matching. You can connect with us at or on social media @qfadoptions!

Quiver Full Adoptions, LLC

"Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them..."

Psalm 127:4-5


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