Feelings vs. Truth

Feelings vs. Truth

I seriously don’t feel adequate to write any kind of encouragement to you mamas. I don’t feel like I have a lot to offer. And not just to you here, but to many around me, including my kids. Anyone else struggle with this? That inadequate, not good enough feeling?

A lot of days in my season feel more like surviving instead of thriving.

But then I step back.  I can literally look at the sentences I just wrote, and notice which word sticks out as the most used word. Do you see it?


“I FEEL like I am not good enough, I FEEL like I have nothing to offer.”, etc etc.


Now, there is nothing wrong with feeling or processing emotions. But what I think happens to many of us as mothers, is that we tend to listen to feelings versus TRUTH. Feelings are obviously given by God, but they are also a major tool of the enemy to divert us from living in the reality of truth.

Feelings keep us floundering, truth sets us free.

When we feel like we keep messing up as a mom, it’s important to stop and process what is actually true, versus what our heat-of-the-season emotions say. Are you ACTUALLY the terrible mom you feel like you are? No. Are you really unloving in their eyes? No. They love you because you are their mom. Are you a terrible person because of the yelling you did at your kids this morning? No. They forgave you and moved on. Are you lousy and have nothing significant go offer your kids? No.

Our feelings of inadequacy and shame and whatever else can keep us in a terrible cycle. What stops this cycle is operating by truth instead of by feelings.

Believe me, this is super hard for me. Even as I write this post, I am battling feelings of shame that I am not a good enough mother and what do I even know what I’m talking about?

But you know what truth says? You know what HE says?

He says you ARE a good mother. He says He DID pick you to be their mom for a reason. HE says He did create you for such a crazy season as this. He says you are forgiven for your mistakes. And He invites you to live in the truth of your identity instead of the feelings of the moment.

Things can really change when we start believing truth and stop listening to our feelings so much. And wow, what a gift to teach our children…to walk by TRUTH and not operate out of our feelings. (can you imagine the lesser amount of drama that could happen if our kids operated this way?)

We miss things, important things, that the Lord wants to speak to us when we only live by what our soul feels and not by looking at Him and listening to His truth. When we can get out of our own way a bit, we can reshape our reality based on truth and not on feelings. We learn confidence and teach our kids that too. We get to partner even more with God as we pursue His word and His voice above our feelings. We can hear Him better and hear Him for our kids better, when we can put aside our negative feelings or how things look and feel to us...and rather, live in perfect truth.

“For we walk by faith, and not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7


Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made