During my first year of motherhood I sent many texts to my college friend, Desi, who married and had her first child in the same years that I did. We were in the same season of life but led totally different lives, as I lived in the suburban Midwest and she lived on a farm in Idaho, but the commonality of motherhood bonded us together. Texts like this kept us from going crazy:

Desi and I exchanged random, sleep-deprived texts back and forth to each other, and in the process, a beautiful thing formed; we felt understood in the challenges of balancing motherhood, marriage and life. The camaraderie of “me too” breathed life into our tired-mama souls.

As the texts continued, God began to stir something in my writer heart about creating a resource and encouragement for moms during the transition to motherhood and beyond. After praying a lot about it, I sent a text to several friends…

And thus began the creation of the blog originally called “Texts Between Two Moms”, which has since evolved into the name, “Texting The Truth.” Once our team formed, we began meeting around my fire pit and brainstorming our vision for the blog. Through our conversations, we found a subtitle that captured our message: “Real Moms, Real Grace.” Our desire was that every mom who visited our blog would receive truth and grace--a gift that moms really need in this crazy, beautiful thing called motherhood.

It’s been four months since we launched, and let me tell you the best reward we’ve seen: each mom on the blog team has grown so much. We realized as we dove into this project that if we were going to write on a blog that communicated God’s truth to other moms, we needed to deepen our wells so that we actually had truth to share. For us, that meant prioritizing our own personal time with God as well as praying together (on Google chat while our kids slept) on Friday mornings.

Praying and sharing with each other has deepened our authenticity because we’ve decided to tackle real-life issues head on. The process usually begins with one of us sharing a topic we want to tackle on the blog, and then many of us meet on Google docs from our couches and hash out what we are learning. Usually after an early morning writing session, our mom duties call, but it always seems that the three voices that need to be heard can reconvene once the kids are in bed and finish writing. Sometimes when we are editing together, our cursors are moving all over the screen simultaneously as we work the truth out, but in the end, the Holy Spirit always seems to guide us in our final draft. We always feel humbled and amazed at what He did and even more resolved in our blog’s vision.

We recently discussed as a team what we are learning through our blog and we all agreed: We are more reflective moms as a result of working through these issues that arise in other motherhood, marriages, and life. Whether it be the text conversations we’ve written on finding affirmation in God rather than our husbands, or giving God our fear about our kids, or adjusting our expectations on Valentine’s Day, we are growing as we wrestle with the subject matter and ask God to show us the truth in each situation.

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