I am sitting here finishing up school work (and my 3-times-reheated coffee) with my biggest, her memory verse leaning against some books on the kitchen counter, staring me in the face: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1) And it got me thinking.

Living in fear is no joke, y’all. I did it for years, until the Lord graciously and miraculously delivered me from the stronghold of it in my life. It can be a low, dark, and isolating place, to live in constant fear. It can affect relationships and even our health, like it did mine. But fear doesn’t always come to us in such pronounced ways…. it can be subtle lies we listen to and believe throughout the day. It can be little things that make our heart twinge and cause anxiety. “Will my child’s health ever get better?” “Will she get her feelings hurt again at school today?” “Will he be safe without me there?” “What if something happens to me, will my children be ok?”. Mamas are definitely a big target to the enemy, because he knows he can stir our hearts to fear so quickly about our children!

But let’s take it back. Let’s collectively decide that the enemy cannot take any more ground in our hearts and minds. It’s not worth it. Fear steals from us as women and as mothers, and in turn will steal from our children.


So how do we do that?  When we grow in intimacy with the Father (and learn more of his goodness and his love for us and for our children), it creates trust. It creates security. Intimacy leads to belief in his love…and remember what the Bible says: perfect love casts out fear! (1 John 4:18). So the more we are in tune with JUST how much He loves us and our kiddos – the less we will be tempted to fear.

Intimacy with the Father doesn’t have to look just one way. It doesn’t consist of just a “quiet time” each morning. Intimacy is a CONSTANT and CONSISTENT relationship with someone who loves you. With someone you want to be with and who wants to be with you too! What a gift to have this relationship in our lives – this loving person who wants to pour into us with all He has, every single day. We have the ability to talk to Him any time we want to, and to listen too. We can be in the middle of 2-year-old fits, or piles of laundry, or a demanding job, and still be in intimacy with Him. It’s a special relationship that doesn’t depend on time or place.

So, battle that fear Mama. Do it with intimacy, it’s your biggest weapon. And you’ll find that the more you press into how much He loves you the fear you have will start fading away and free you up.