Moms with Cancer: Day Eight

practice gratitude

By Niki Hardy


If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to interrupt an episode on Netflix, a run with a friend, a trip to the supermarket, or a date night with my man – heck, pretty much anything and everything – for an emergency trip to the loo, I’d be able to fly first class whenever I wanted – in fact I could just buy an entire private jet! 

You see, I no longer have the plumbing God gave me. My innards were chopped and rerouted when my tumor was removed from my unmentionable orifice and now I have the bathroom control of a recalcitrant toddler. Ok, that’s probably too much information for a devotional but it’s day 8 and we’re old friends now, but all that to say, it can leave me angry, frustrated, resentful, and yes, ashamed. 

I wish He hadn’t been so crystal clear, but God tells us to not just give thanks in and for the good stuff, the family meals where there are no arguments, the proposal after years of being single and the positive pregnancy test after years of trying. We’re told to give thanks in all things and unfortunately that includes the tough stuff, the moments that rip our hearts to pieces, the conversations that leave us fuming, the fears keeping us pacing the floor at night, and even the losses sending us to our knees in grief. Yes, we must give thanks here too.

Friend, we don’t need to see things differently to be grateful, rather be grateful to see things differently. We can choose to give thanks before we feel an ounce of gratitude and science tells us our levels of happiness, connection, optimism, and empathy will increase as well as our wellbeing. Now that’s what I call thriving, don’t you?

Reflection questions: 

  • Let me ask you, how might you practice gratitude in all things today, confident peace and well being will follow? 

  • Perhaps write a list of three things to be grateful for, write a thank you note to someone who’s been kind, or list some of your hardest struggles and simply give thanks for them, confident God is in them with you.

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