About thirty minutes before dinner-time is also called “crazy hour” around our house. It's a time when patience is small, tantrums are big, and the drama belongs in a Hollywood film.

It's as if the kids have not eaten in days and need to be under foot of my every move in the kitchen, voices constantly asking when and with what their tummies will be filled. Asking why I have to stir something or heat something up, telling me they actually don’t like what I am making, etc. etc. You know the deal.

The other night was particularly loud, dress up clothes were flying in all directions, and little hands were trying to sneak bites. And my smallest baby was growing impatient waiting on his mama to sit down and feed him too. It was enough chaos that I almost lost it.

But something came over me. A camp song.

No, really, I am being serious. That old camp song called “Boom Chicka Boom.” Do you know it? It’s a super silly song where you repeat after each other, and then sing it in different “styles." It’s a song that involves movement, and being loud or soft or silly or whatever you wish. It’s a good, distracting song.

I started in with it and my girls looked at me like I was crazy. They could not believe that the mom they thought for sure was about to open her mouth to send them away, actually instead started singing loudly and being funny! After they realized I wasn’t upset, they died laughing and joined in.


Needless to say, the impatience dissipated and the attitudes changed, for ALL of us. They went from complaining hearts to giggling hearts.

Of course I’d love to sit here and say that what came over me instead of a camp song, was a calming from the Lord or a beautiful revelation from Him about how to be patient. But instead, I CAN sit here and say this…

We have a God who is SO creative in how He displays His love for US…that He can give us the ability to be creative in our love for our children! And creative in our distraction and discipline, or whatever the mothering need might be.

I honestly do believe that camp song was from Him. Like He needed ME to just take a chill-pill, give into my inner kid, and be silly with my little girls. He needed to show me there was a different way than the normal frustration or “pulling myself together” to handle the situation. And that the silliness would even bring more love into that kitchen!

I am not saying you should break into song or dance every time things seem to be escalating with your kiddos. Though I will say, it was fun.

I am, however, trying to remind you that Jesus desires to be loving, and sweet, and even fun with us sometimes! What an awesome God we have.

So, don’t feel like every time you are battling the chaos, you need to muster up your best, religious self and get through it with a perfect smile. That’s not what relationship with Jesus should be like. Instead, just let Him lead you to what HE knows will bring the most love and calm to the situation.

He may even give you a silly camp song.

Sarah loves being mama to two girls and a baby boy. She shares life at and on Instagram as @sarah.elizabeth.lowe

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