Lessons from Imperfect Mothers: Part One (Day 6)

Hannah: Hope in the Lord

By Rebekah Hargraves


READ: 1 Samuel 1:8-11, 24-28,   Genesis 1:26-28, 2 Corinthians 5:20 

So many women know all too well the pain and heartache that Hannah felt. Though not many today are  in a polygamous marriage as Hannah was, and therefore do not have to deal with the comparison between wives when one has children and the other does not, the depth of sorrow is the same. Many women yearn to be mothers but so far have been unable to bear children of their own. Other women deal with the daily pain of being told motherhood is the highest calling and that their worth is found in whether or not they have children, and yet year after year passes and they remain childless. Still other women are mothers, but they have so completely based their identity on motherhood, that they have lost themselves totally and are daily wrapped up in the worries and concerns of their children and their mothering.

This pain, this heartache, these identity issues, are not what God intended. And yet how common they are for so many of us. This is perhaps why I find Hannah’s example to be not only an encouraging one, but truly a convicting one, as well.

Here she is, desperately desiring to have a baby of her own and yet, when she finally does (truly, before she even conceives!) she promises her child to God. Even after she is blessed with a son whom she adores, she remains true to that promise and leaves behind her beloved child in the temple to serve God there. Imagine the pain and sense of loss at having to leave your child behind and not have him in your home with you throughout his childhood!

But that is precisely what she did, because she understood something we oftentimes do not: our children are not ultimately ours. They belong to God. And as much as we love them, He loves them infinitely more. When Hannah yearned to have a baby, she placed her hope in the Lord. And after He had blessed her with a child, she still placed her hope in Him as far as her baby’s future was concerned. May we be inspired by Hannah’s example to do the same.

Lord, help me to trust You. I know You love my child far more than I ever could, and yet I struggle to surrender my child’s future to You. Help me to let go as Hannah did and rest in Your sovereign plan for my child’s life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  1. Would you be willing to surrender your child to the Lord as Hannah was willing to do with Samuel?

  2. What do you find hard about placing your hope and trust in the Lord as far as  your children’s wellbeing and futures are concerned?

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