The Truth About PTSD - Devo Day 2

Fear not for I am with you.

By Shannon Toller


PTSD didn't really cramp our marriage, until year two. We lost our apartment, Toller lost his job and the three of us (me, Toller, and our oldest daughter) moved back into my teenage bedroom at my mom's townhome. Needless to say, we were dealing with a lot at once. And, to make matters worse, our marriage began to get back-burnered because of parenthood. We were too tired to make our marriage a priority, so it suffered. Big time. We fought all of the time. No fight was too big or too small, we were going to go at it like cats and dogs every time. Threats of divorce snuck their way into confrontations like whips to the skin. We were starting to hit a rock bottom we weren't sure our marriage would survive.

When Toller started falling away from the God he grew up with, everyone around him assumed he was an atheist and was going off the deep end. I was fielding questions and phone calls, left and right. Is he okay? How's his walk? Should we be praying for him? It doesn't seem intrusive now, but in the midst of a rock bottom and a nervous breakdown, it was almost too much to bear. I had nowhere to go. Except to my knees.

MEDITATE: Isaiah 41:10


1.) Have you ever prioritized your pain over your loved ones?

2.) Do you think a relationship with Christ helps or hinders your journey with PTSD?


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