A place to let your guard down, to come together and support one another. Each group is locally supported by moms with a passion for community and connecting with women right where they are. Community Groups meet in a laid back and comfortable way that fits each specific group. Some groups may be small and intimate and some may be large and loud. We all come together with one purpose: to draw closer to the heart of God in community with one another. 

We are passionate about outreach and community. It's our goal to equip our leaders to build up a healthy and thriving community in their area. The Thrive Moms Leadership Team assists Local Leaders to make their group successful based on the needs of the group. Community Groups cost nothing, but we do have studies that can be purchased in our Marketplace. 


Do I have to have Facebook to be involved in a group?  No, you don't. The Facebook groups are just a way for each group to connect online to announce meeting times, prayer, etc. If you would like to join a group and don't have Facebook, please email community@thrivemoms.com and we will connect you with your local leader. However, if you are a group leader we do ask that you have Facebook. If you don't, maybe ask a friend to lead the group. 

How are the group locations decided?  All group locations were decided by a mom stepping up to lead in that city or area. Groups are not decided by popular locations or big cities, so while it may be surprising that there isn't a group near one of those, it just means we need a momma (like you!) to pray about and step up to lead.

Can I lead a group?  If you're interested in leading, please fill out the form found here. It is never too late to sign up to lead! If there is already a leader in your area, we will pair you together as co-leaders! The more leaders in an area, the better. If you want to guarantee that a group is meeting in your area, sign up to lead! We promise it won't be hard or full of pressure. 

Can I co-lead a group? Absolutely! That's what community is all about! 

What does being a leader involve?  It can be as simple or as involved as you'd like it to be. Maybe your group wants to do a bible study together, or maybe you just want to hang out and have coffee. Your main responsibility as the leader is communicating your meeting time and location, and this is done through the FB group we've created for each group. 

What should our meetings look like?  You can do your meetings however you like! A weekly coffee date, a playdate at the beach or a new location every week. You can be creative and do whatever is fun in your city!

Help! I don't see a group in my area! All of our groups are started by moms in our community with a desire to connect with other women. If you don't see a group in your area, it's up to YOU to change that!! Grab a friend and co-lead a group!