More Than Happy - Leader Guide

More Than Happy - Leader Guide


This is the Leader Guide for the More Than Happy Group Curriculum. These are digital resources, you will receive no physical products. We recommend printing and using putting this guide in a 3-ring binder. 

*Leaders will need a participant guide as well so they have a study book to use each week. (The leader guide does not include the bible study or all of the extras in the books!) 



Everyone is on a pursuit of happiness. 

We chase after anything that might make up happy...

...things, relationships, adventures, work. We cling to money, clothes or new gadgets hoping they will make us happy. And they might, for a moment. But in the end we find ourselves unsatisfied and longing for something to fill the void and craving to make us happy. 

Have you ever felt like you would never be happy again? 

When those momentary pleasures disappear almost as quickly as they came? What if God has something more in mind for us? Do you think it’s possible that no matter what our situation or circumstance that we can find joy? 

What if He wants us to be MORE than happy? 

This study through Philippians and through the joy of God’s promises will show us that God wants more for us -- He wants more than happy. 



  • 14 Session Group Study

    • The Leader Guide walks you through each week of the study to make your meeting times very easy! We provide everything you need to help your group time flow smoothly!

  • 4 Week Intensive More Than Happy Bible Study

  • 4 Teaching Videos

    • Teaching from: Elisa Pulliam, Christine Chappell, Kristel Acevedo, and Jena Holliday


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