More Than Happy - Curriculum & Bible Study

More Than Happy - Curriculum & Bible Study

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Please note -- this study book is great for individuals and groups! We have created the book in a way that you can either do it by yourself or in a group setting. We have a leader guide available for the group leader to help in a group setting. 


Everyone is on a pursuit of happiness. 

We chase after anything that might make up happy...

...things, relationships, adventures, work. We cling to money, clothes or new gadgets hoping they will make us happy. And they might, for a moment. But in the end we find ourselves unsatisfied and longing for something to fill the void and craving to make us happy. 

Have you ever felt like you would never be happy again? 

When those momentary pleasures disappear almost as quickly as they came? What if God has something more in mind for us? Do you think it’s possible that no matter what our situation or circumstance that we can find joy? 

What if He wants us to be MORE than happy? 

This study through Philippians and through the joy of God’s promises will show us that God wants more for us -- He wants more than happy. 


The More Than Happy Curriculum Study Book is an 8.5x11 size, 88 page, spiral bound, full-color book. 


  • 12 sessions of study

  • 4 week daily deep study

  • 4 teaching videos

  • Daily prompts and questions for deeper personal study

  • Beautiful images and design

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