Christmas Traditions Link Up!

We are so excited to host a link up party this week to share Christmas Traditions! We wanted to keep it super simple, because who really needs one more thing to worry about today?! You can link either a blog post or instagram picture to the bottom of this post. All we ask is that you visit the person who linked up before you and make a new friend! Also, please tag your pictures on instagram with #thrivemoms. 


We are almost halfway through Advent, and we have been praying for a peaceful and joy-filled season for you and your families! We hope it's been low stress and a wonderful time of celebrating the birth of Jesus with your children! 

Enjoying Christmas traditions together is one of the most wonderful parts of this season! We can't wait to see what you've been doing! 


How to link up from instagram: 

Enter the instagram url address for your individual picture in the "blog post url" line. (Go to your instagram feed from the computer,, and click on a single picture. Copy and paste that address) 

Fill out your name and email. 

It will give you an error on the next page, but just choose to upload your own picture from your computer. You will need to manually upload the picture so it will show up in the link up gallery. 

That's it! 

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