let's do this TOGETHER!

Welcome to THRIVE! We are more than thrilled that you're here!  We have been dreaming and praying about this moment for quite a while.

If this post finds you wondering how in the world you will make it through the week in one piece, you are not alone.  Thrive is brought to you by 2 mamas who feel the same way. 

Motherhood is gloriously hard, and it's not meant to be accomplished without the company and encouragement of other moms. That's where we come in.

However you're feeling today...whatever season you're in...whatever the struggle...whatever the victory...no matter where you've been or where you are going....

We want to walk with you. 

We want to celebrate with you and cry with you. 

We want to pray with you and lift your arms when you're too weary to do it yourself. 

We want to clink glasses with you and cheer you on when you've reached amazing feats.

Did you notice there's a theme there?  WITH.  Let's do this WITH each other.  Let's do this together.

We are passionate about creating a safe space for you...where you can let your hair down, take deep breaths, and just be YOU.   We know that a lot is expected of you as a mom.  Our desire is that this would be the place free of expectations.  Free of deadlines.  Free of requirements.  Free of  to-do lists.  A place for you to fill your cup and drink deeply of His presence. A place to find inspiration and momentum for the week ahead.

PS: if you're looking for a how-to on mothering,  this isn't the place. But what we do offer is a confidant for the journey. None of us are experts.  Each day a brand new adventure with so much to learn. 

So we hope you'll take a quick minute away from your chaotic day to watch the video below  and find out how to become part of this company of imperfect moms longing to lean into His perfect grace.

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