Get Connected Online

We are in the second half of the week.  How are you doing?   

We've been talking a lot about making an intentional effort to build community this week.  Have you been thinking about that?  Is God asking you to step a bit outside your comfort zone and reach out to some new friends?   

Sometimes its hard to physically get out of the house.  There are seasons where those times are few and far between.  Thank the Lord that he's given us an opportunity to connect with one another online.  Online community can be such a blessing and a gift during these more home bound times.   

We thought we'd offer a few of our favorite online spaces for getting better connected to moms/women.

One of the top of our list is Instagram! (By the way, have you seen our Insta-Link-up this week?) What mom doesn't like showing of her crew?  And don't you love to see what others are up to?  I just think its amazing to catch a glimpse into another persons world through a picture.  When you see a face, snap shots of life, moments captured (the good and the ugly) there's a connection that happens...we really feel like we get to know a person a little better.  We would encourage you to go a step further.  Reach out to some of your favorite Instagram buddies.  Comment, converse, connect.  

One of the biggest venues for community that we as a Thrive team have had the blessing to experience is The Influence Network.  For just $5/month you have access to forums and weekly resources. $10/month gets you a free live online class per month.  These classes are TOP NOTCH.  And it's in real time, so you get to chat with your class mates; interact and discuss things together throughout the class.  This is such an amazing time to find kindred spirits.  Women who share the same passions and struggles.  Women that could become the women who do life with you.  The Influence Network is all about making your online life mean something! It's a gospel focused community of women that encourage you to embrace online life as a tool to build meaningful relationships and to further His kingdom through your God given gifts.  It's just plain awesome. Go check it out! 

Another great way to form meaningful relationships online is to join our Facebook Friday chats every week.  When we open our hearts a bit and let people see the real stuff, it's amazing how God blesses that and begins to gather up like-hearts.  That's exactly what happened to KK and I.  We began to connect and share motherhood (the "I haven't showered in days and my kids are running about the house like zoo animals" motherhood), and Thrive was born---from a place of complete transparency and vulnerability about our lives and our desire to know God more intimately and encourage other moms along the way.   


Often times we feel like in order to be accepted or have anything to offer someone else we've got to share our "best of" moments.  But I think it's really the opposite.  I think we find ourselves drawn closer to people who are willing to share the imperfections.  It creates a safe place to just be yourself.  It's place the Holy Spirit can move and work...when women with open hearts come with their real stuff and encourage one another. 

What are some of your favorite places to get connected online? 


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