E for Effort





Sound a little too familiar?

Let’s jump straight to my point, shall we?

I was a brand new student teacher in Galway, Ireland.


My boyfriend (now husband!) and I had just landed ourselves in the Emerald Isle after a month long jaunt around Western Europe.


Although we happily planted ourselves on the incredible Irish coast…we were alone.


It was different, you see. We weren’t checking in and out of hostels anymore like our adventures in Paris, or Spain, or Italy. We were LIVING there. 


Although it was a fairytale, it was lacking one thing: community.


It takes time to build a community.


You know what it takes even more of?






We were two kids in love who were forced to plunge ourselves into the Irish people, groups, schools, work, and culture.


The community wasn’t going to find us; we had to work to immerse ourselves.


We had to say sayonara to our comfort zones and bonjour to those painfully awkward “we need friends” moments.


We had to dive headfirst, and together, we did! 


Suddenly the green became greener and the adventure became richer once we white-flagged our frustrations, worry, and fear. We felt far from isolated; in fact we felt the strongest sense ofgenuine community.


Can you imagine the lost memories had we hid behind our comforts?


Makes me cringe to think about!


Do yourself a favor and look up community in the dictionary.


group, interests, respect, social, leading, assemblage, liability, enjoyment


All of these words popped out at me like the old “hit the beaver” arcade game.

As soon as I bonked one down, the other quickly jumped out. I missed several words just trying to focus on one because there are so many words associated with community.

(bad analogy but it works…kind of)


Ladies, pretend you’re a surveillance camera monitoring your life.

Take inventory on your community.

Who is in it? What does it look like? Is it healthy?

Are you struggling in this area?

Are you feeling isolated, worried, fearful, or frustrated?

Listen, IT’S OKAY.


Did you hear me?

It’s okay.


The day I become a mother I thought my community had CRASHED and BURNED.

Isolation was at it’s finest.

Sure, I had friends but I was too exhausted to make any efforts of maintaining them.

(gah, there is that word again…EFFORT.)

Learning to adjust to being mommy is so hard!


You know who pulled me out of isolation?

My community.

My mommy community.

My family community.

My girls nights community.

My faith community.

My blogging community.


Remember, it’s not going to find you; you need to put on your seatbelt and speed to it!


Find coziness in knowing you’re not alone. Set your pride aside and admit (to yourself!) that you need a solid sense of genuine community. You need place a to be imperfect. You need more than just your husband, or just your friends, or just your children. We have one life to THRIVE…so get on that horse and get to it. And, if you feel comfortable remember many in your own community do not.


Reach out, I promise, the community craves YOU, too. 


Big hug, 



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