Being intentional...guilt-free!

When I think about being intentional with my life, it lays deep expectataions. I've written about being an intentional mother before HERE but this time, I'm talking about being intentional...guiltfree.

Allow me to lay my heart out. My daughter, Ireland, had her first birthday yesterday. As I was going through a year in review with pictures, it was such a neat and emotional recap. I only have one year and one day of motherhood under my belt but HECK I feel I've grown EONS this past year. Each picture came with oohs and ahhs and followed with and laughter and even tears. Not only is this a milestone of her birth but a milestone as parents. We made it through the first year! As I reached the final picture, the ones I took just before she dozed off to sleep, that little devil snuck up on my shoulder. "Your not enough. You get too frustrated. You're a busy mom. You're not good enough". It seems like my joys are instantly robbed by lies.


Why do we play the angel devil game, with no one besides ourselves? When I talk about being intentional, I've realized that has potential to be so worrying for some, myself included. It can come with conviction but also crazy unnessary guilt. I know I'm a great mom, now why don't I believe it 100% of the time? Why do we miss celebrating our intentions and triumphs but are masters at memorizing our mess ups?

This post is dedicated to those who mess up. Those who get frustrated. Those who rest and those who are busy. Those who work and those who stay home. Those who are tired. It's okay!

This is for being intentional at believing you are a GREAT mom, because you are! This is not to urge you to be better. A little kick in the pants is good and necessary but this time, right now, its time to hear your doing JUST wonderfully. Be intentional about celebrating the wonderful job you're doing!

Intentional mothering is about being intentional about our actions and beliefs with our children but it extends far beyond our littles. First we must take care of our own hearts and minds. Manicure your thoughts, it will bring great rewards to ourselves and the lives of our children.



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