Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day is crazy special for me. 

It's. My. First. Mother's Day. 


I'm a Mom? 

What a BLESSING that is! 

Earlier this week I had a photo shoot with my daughter with the sole purpose of celebrating motherhood. What an enchanting, magical, tearful adventure it was! 

You can find my intimate thoughts HERE but let me tell you what has happened since posting. 

A flock of mothers have reacted. 

A variety of mothers have cried. 

A group of want-to-be-mommies have reached out.

A community of mothers have united, celebrating the beautiful gift of motherhood. 

I didn't expect a genuine community of women to unite over...pictures, and they didn't. They united over the story the photos tell. 

Strangers. Neighbors. Coworkers. Friends. Family. 

They relate. 

Motherhood is the glue that bonds women; there is no explanation needed when mothers express their love, it is just known. 

Motherhood is magical. 

The genuine community that bonds mothers is profound. 

If you've found yourself reading this, you're in this community, too.

Come one, come all!!! 

I didn't know what to expect from motherhood but I'm overflowing with the incredible changes it has brought. 

Glory to God, our living Savior, for this community of mothers that motherhood has brought. Jesus, I'm ever-so-thankful for your undeserving love and creativity. Your love is beyond abundant, and beyond graceful. Your love is enough. Your love is enough. Your love is enough. 

Happy Mother's Day, to all the mother's reading this. May your weekend be filled with constant reminder of how blessed we are.