Freedom in Food

Do you think God cares about what you eat? How you treat your body? I fully believe that He does.

How the Lord teaches us through our experiences with food is one of my favorite things to discuss with people. My experience with food has been a place where the Lord has revealed some serious truths and I am confident that my story with resonate with some of you!

I grew up active and in a family where food was not a priority (at least not one that we discussed). I learned to make food convenient and based choices off of how they made me feel. Comfort was my goal and that turned into an unhealthy pattern of emotional eating for me. If I was celebrating I would reach for a treat. If I was stressed I would grab a salty snack. If I was sad, the same thing. My relationship with food became majorly skewed.

It wasn't until my first son was born that the Lord convicted me about how I was eating. I was completely hyper-focused on feeding my son organic, homemade food but that in no way paralleled how I was feeding myself.

So…things changed. I went to His word to figure out what He thought about my body, what I should eat, and how I should treat it. I have by no means mastered healthy eating and still struggle with my old patterns of emotional eating. But I am much more aware of where I was, where I am, and where I want to be. More aware of the fact that God cares about what I eat and why I eat it. And that is some serious freedom.

This eBook, Freedom in Food, was born out of what the Lord has revealed to me through my own journey with food as well as my training as a Holistic Health Coach. My prayer is that you find more freedom in your relationship with food…even if it is just the tiniest bit.

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-Megan Burns

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