Flag Pops - good, clean, patriotic fun for your weekend!

How's the Healthy Body, Strong Spirit thing going for you guys? I've been working on my water intake and I've made it to 64 ounces each day so far, which feels really good! I think I just needed someone to say, "Hey, I'm challenging you to do this," so I'm thankful Thrive stepped up to the plate to talk about the all-encompassing aspects of self-care.

As we head into this holiday weekend, I wanted to share a quick, clean popsicle recipe for the whole family. If you arrange them just right, you can make little flags in the popsicles, using blueberries and strawberries. And by "just right" I mean toss the blueberries in one corner and fill the rest with strawberries.

I got this popsicle mold set from Target last year, and it love the straw feature. It was in the kitchen appliance section, by the shaved ice stuff, and was about $3.

Are you familiar with coconut water? It's super hydrating, almost like a sports drink, but without as much sugar. It's naturally occurring, sweet, and a great, clean way to finish off a fruit pop. I used plain coconut water from Trader Joe's. Try them this weekend as a way to refresh and replenish after playing in the heat!

To make the fruit popsicles, drop your fruit in the mold, and get creative if you want! Blue and red stripes? Flags? Go for it! Then fill to the top with coconut water, add the stick/holders, and freeze overnight.

Hope you enjoy, and have a great long weekend!

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