I’m going to barf out my thoughts so...consider yourself warned.

Te hehe.

Chaos is comfortable for me. Eeehhhh, kinda.

Does that mean it’s heathly?

Uh. NO.

On most days you can find me doing anything BUT relaxing. When I try to relax, I feel bored. It’s a problem that was created in the womb, I suppose.

What happens when one doesn’t learn how to chill? I like to call it…chaotic living.

Right now in my life there is A LOT going on. I’m switching from stay-at-home-mom to half-time kindergarten teacher. You can read about my emotions on that one on my latest post on my personal blog.

Since when did silly stuff like responding to emails, scrubbing the mildewy shower (sick!), and feeding my family seem so challenging?

When. I. Don’t. Rest.

True story: I used to tell my mom that I was afraid of going to heaven because I thought I’d be bored.


Seriously…who is worried about being BORED … in freakin’ HEAVEN?!

This girl. Riiiggghhhtttt on the other side of your screen is a girl who REALLY struggles with relaxation…boredom…and good rest.

And because of that…life often feels chaotic.

The truth is, it’s really not comfortable. Nor healthy.

Sure, chaos is bound to happen whether ourselves cause it or not.


Yes, there is always a but.

From one #recoveringchaotic to another, step one is admitting the problem.

So as soon as I press publish, I’m walking my tired booty to the kitchen, making some CALM tea (I swear that stuff is a drug or something!), and plopping myself on the couch….to relax…phone free…computer free…boredom free.

Sisters, let’s unite to calm our own chaos.

Enormous hugs to you, yes YOU!


Ka ka ka KATIE.

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