For many of us, this holiday season will be unlike any other...for the best and worst of reasons.  Some of us will be racing to create new family traditions with new additions, as well as incorporate them into our old ones. Our days and homes will be full of joy, our cameras of sweet moments captured that will replay in our memories forever. For others, a season of loss has preceded the holidays that will cause the celebrations to be daunting tasks to endure. There will be aches at the pit of our stomachs and lumps in the middle of our throats.

No matter which season we find ourselves in, believe that God is with us in every one. Feeling loved by our Lord is easy when we’re experiencing his blessings in such beautiful ways. Yet, just as delightful to experience His tender love and comforting presence when we are hurting.

Last holiday season, I was experiencing the greatest joy as I had a swollen belly to rub Thanksgiving Day and sweet girls to snuggle on Christmas Day. This year, it will be very different. There will be holidays split and missed firsts. Celebration will be covered with a fog of brokenness, loneliness, awkwardness, and hurt. While it will be intensely difficult right now, I know that it will only last for a time.


I’m so grateful that in this difficulty, the Lord has made good on His promises again and again. The hard stuff doesn’t get any easier but in the Lord we gain strength, endurance, and peace, which allow us to joyfully persevere with a resolve that is rooted in His grace.

My holiday season is going to be the most difficult time I have had to endure in a lot of ways. However, those same hard days will be filled with a joy, peace, and laughter that will effortlessly flow and overwhelm my heart.

I’m grateful that my perspective and joy aren’t rooted in a title or certain circumstance; it’s rooted in our Savior. My hope and faith are centered around the promises of His companionship and provision, His promises of comfort and peace, of His presence. And, isn’t that what we’re longing for? To be in the presence of our Savior? While we won’t experience Him face to face on Earth, isn’t His Spirit enough for now? Isn’t His grace sufficient? Knowing that all things are working together for good can fill our cups today because of what we know is coming: victory, joy, peace, maturity in Christ, and a deeper relationship with our Lord.

Y’all, the holidays are going to be hard for a lot of us. So, it’s a wonderful time to “be the good”, encourage your hurting friends in the Lord, and to show your love in tangible ways. Hopefully, with your overflow, they will be able to pour out a bit more of themselves to another, as well.


Alaina is mom to beautiful twin girls Rhyann and Logan. You can connect with her on her blog, Unashamedgrowth, and on Instagram!

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