I was watching a super hero cartoon with my kids the other day and Captain America happened to say the greatest thing…“The whole world doesn’t define you, your actions define you, and it is your actions that will reveal the truth of who you are.” (paraphrased a little by me)

What an incredible opportunity to show my babies that same Truth in the Bible, what an opportunity to build up their character in a way that they will remember and enjoy. I can pull this story line out over and over to connect it to their lives in a real way for the next several years and I believe that I will.

Do you ever sit and watch shows with your children? Now, I am by no means starting a debate on screen time or any such thing, I am just simply asking when your children are allowed to watch television do you watch with them?

Personally, I rarely do. When my kids are allowed to watch a show it is generally because I need them to be out of my hair for a time and the television is the only thing that captivates their attention fully. But the other day as we watched Captain America together I realized that I should probably be watching it with them more often.

Now that they are in school, spending more of their day away from me than with me, I am realizing that I don’t have many stories that connect to their real everyday life. I only know what they choose to share with me, and what I experienced myself in elementary school decades ago. I am realizing that the time I have to personally pour into them is less than I thought and I would like to take advantage of it more than I am.

I love what Captain America had to say; he wasn’t defending himself against gossip, he was allowing his actions to speak for him. And I would add to my children that God Himself will stand up for you if you wait on His timing. I love that a superhero cartoon can lead to a conversation on character and God’s will for us.

This probably extends beyond watching cartoons with my kids...actually, I am sure it does. But Captain America woke me up to the sweet and heartbreaking truth that my babies are growing up, and my time with them is so much more limited than I realize. He also reminded me that there are all kinds of influences on their young lives. 

I was reminded by the Cap that my actions at this time will speak so much louder than my words, I am needed to not only speak the Truth but to show it to my children, to move in a way that is the Gospel. And I need to use the world that they are living in, the world that is all around them, to point them to Jesus every day.  

So, I will start here. I will watch cartoons with my babes, I will use the opportunities that God brings us every day to share more of Him with them. I will take the advice of Captain America and I will let my actions speak for themselves.

What can you do to engage deeper with your little ones?

Amber Newberry is the founder of Beautiful and Beloved where she shines a light on the Truth that all people are beautiful and worthy of love. Join her at @beautifulandbeloved on instagram to be encouraged

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