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My youngest daughter recently showed me what she was writing on her iPad. It was a note reminding her who God is. "God is my friend. God loves me no matter what happens. God loves when I tell him I love him. God is my hero."

On another occasion, one of our older children, deep in the trenches of teen-ville and struggling with normal day-to-day stuff, was found at the piano playing and worshiping. The bumpy road was made smooth again as mercy poured down in heavenly comfort.

I love when I stumble on my kids worshipping by spoken word or songs of praise. But, we are terribly normal around here. Our kids fight and act selfishly or unwisely just as any other family. Sometimes I wish each child had come with a user manual for quick reference; or that the imaginary escape to Tahiti on tiring days was actually an option. Worshipping and reading our Bibles doesn’t save us from normal life or normal feelings or normal thoughts.

Our family worships because we have discovered the value of worship and its impact on our lives.

While my children were very small, we talked about the Bible and put on scripture songs or worship music as we played and colored. As we got ready to sleep at night, scripture songs often sang softly from the corner of the room. It was terribly cute and melted my heart when they sang or danced, but it was all for a purpose. I wanted their young hearts to find joy and comfort in worship. I wanted them to hear worship music and if they desired to clap, clap; if they desired to dance, dance. I wanted my sweet, little ones to joyfully and freely express love to God and feel the words of the music move their hearts with truth.

Truths such as God is amazingly aware of the smallest detail, including the number of hairs on each head. God knows the number of days a person will live and desires to be a safe place of confidence. He is strong and mighty. He is always walking with you no matter how silent He might be at times. He loves with an everlasting, never-stopping love. God is a friend to the friendless, a father to the fatherless, and He longs to see the lonely in families.

Now that my children are a little older, it’s no different. I still want them to know the joy and comfort of being in God’s presence. I want them to receive the truths from God that tells them who they are no matter what the world is screaming at them. I want them to find a place of communion with God that makes their walks with Him deeply personal.

I have found joy in worship during days when none could be found. I have found comfort and healing in worship and touched something so special and holy as I sing to God that it gave me confidence in faith and strength to walk the twisty path of faith. I have been overwhelmed with the sense of God’s holy kindness and love.

This is why I want my children to worship. I want them to worship because I know it’s a necessary component to a life of faith. Just as we memorize and study scripture, we worship. (As a side note, this isn’t a discussion on proper forms of worship. Some of the most worshipful people are those who sit quietly in silent communion with the Father. God is amazing and He loves His kids immensely. He is faithful to come and meet us however we come.Worship is of the heart.)

I love working with Seeds Family Worship. This is what we do best. We provide word-for-word scripture songs for families to enjoy together. The songs are catchy and easy to learn. Complete verses are memorized simply by learning each song. They can used for worship time as a family or driving around town. Our passion is seeing families worship God and cherish the Word of God.

If you are reading these words and feel overwhelmed, be encouraged! I can confidently tell you parenting isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Don’t give up or feel you have lost the race. It is never to late. There are so many small steps you can take today (a short list is included below) to begin making regular worship a part of your family life. I am confident you can accomplish the very important task of teaching your children to worship.


Sarah Patrick has been a wife for 15 years and is a momma to 5 children. Her days are kept busy with homeschooling and the raising of people. She also writes for Seeds Family Worship and helps coordinates their social media. She is passionate about the things of God and seeing families equipped to share their faith with their children. She believes community is necessary to the survival of motherhood. Follow her here on Instagram.


Here is a list of small steps to begin today and don't miss our special giveaway from Seeds Family Worship below!

*Find a quiet place and read the Psalms very slowly. Notice the character of God as you read. For instance, in Psalm 34:9 , God answers you when you pray and He frees you from fear. Simply pray this back to God in worship or meditate on this during the day.

*Play worship music in your home or in your car. Sing along with worship as you make dinner each night. While your children are young, let them see you worship and praise. Ask them to join you. Seeds Family Worship Albums make great additions to every playlist.

*As a family, sit down and worship God through spoken words or with music. Seeds Family Worship produces albums full of word for word scripture songs so your family can sing God's word together and worship. We want to help you feel confident leading your family in worship!

*Read books on worship and adoration such as What Ever Happened to Worship by A.W. Tozer or Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty. Ask your local worship pastor for recommendations, too.


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