Y’all, I am failing at the month of May.

I failed at it last year and blamed it on my husband being out of town the whole month; he is here this year and I failed again, so I am just going to blame May itself.

May is full of SO MANY THINGS.

It’s a month full of endings and new beginnings, and the sheer emotion of that all is exhausting, not to mention the actual events you are required to attend.

There are graduations, recitals, awards ceremonies, end of year projects, and parties. There are a million gifts to be well thought out and purchased for those graduating, as well as gifts for the amazing teachers who have loved your children all year long.   

As an added bonus, in my family there are birthdays and the anniversary of my dad’s death.

My kids say goodbye to their friends and their classrooms, not knowing exactly what the next year will hold for them, but knowing that certainly it will be different. They look forward to summer with expectation of great adventures that reality will never fully live up to, and within days they are bored and whiny.

May is hard, and it’s emotional. How are we supposed to make it through?!

Here is what I have learned and decided about May…I give up.

May is always going to be hard, and emotional, and too full, there truthfully is nothing I can do to stop it. What I can do is stop trying to make May easy, and lovely, and perfect for everyone.

I can spend my mornings with God, hand Him the hard things, and fill up on grace, and mercy, and patience. I can say no to the things that I only do to please others. I can offer more hugs and kisses, and words of life to my children as they say goodbye to teachers and friends, transitioning from one season to the next. I can get rid of the expectations and live for the day, making the most of each moment, not anxiously anticipating the days and events to come.

May is a lot of things, but it is not everything. It is a time that comes and goes every year, and every year it is full of changes and celebrations, some sorrow and lots of stress. I can choose how I live in May, I can choose how I live in every month and in every season. I choose to stop unrealistic expectations and the fear of disappointing others. I choose to spend my energy loving well, living in grace.

May is hard, y’all.

Thankfully it’s the really hard, full seasons that force us to prune away all that is false, leaving us only with what is True. I pray that this summer you find your True, mamas.



Amber is the founder of Beautiful & Beloved and Reveal Ministry. She would love to connect with other mamas @ambervnewberry on Instagram or Twitter.


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