Hi, I'm April Knight of #scripturedoodle, and we’re super excited to partner with Thrive Moms for our naptime LIVE with #scripturedoodle. I love how the Thrive Moms team works hard to help moms everywhere feel confident in motherhood and not alone in the crazy journey that it is.

These are my people.

Aren’t kids the best invention ever? I just love it all. My man keeps me in line and my kids keep me on my game, or off it depending on the day. Almost daily I’m blown away by this gift that is family.

The thing I’m most passionate in our ministry is helping others explore creativity in worship, and this idea of “illustrating the word of God”. When God first gave me #scripturedoodle back in 2010, I honestly thought it was just for me...a creative sort of worship discipline to keep me in tune with Him. Over time God has shown me that #scripturedoodle is for anyone, not just the artist; but anyone who wants to meet Him in a creative way.

Since jumping in with both feet to this ministry of #scripturedoodle, what we’ve seen is the power of God to move through the arts in ways I would have never imagined. I could tell stories for days. What I love about it most is that people are opening their hearts to hear from God in a fresh way and He is speaking.

That’s where you come in. I want to help you share it with your kids! #scripturedoodle with KIDS might be my favorite. They are wild and fearless, and they aren’t afraid of stick people. And their hearts, their hearts are open to think about God in a way they maybe never had. #scripturedoodle puts the word of God in their hearts so they can draw about it, think about it, and remember it for the future.

I cannot wait to share this workshop with you this Friday. I’ll share about the heart and art behind #scripturedoodle but most of all I’ll give you the play by play of how to share #scripturedoodle with your kids this summer! I hope you’ll join us. Oh, and it’s free!


Which pack is for you? Check out all our different #scripturedoodle packs HERE and decide which one is best for you.

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