I'm reading a pretty thought-provoking book at the moment called Heaven by Randy Alcorn. It's doing so much to turn my thoughts toward Heaven and all that God has prepared for us. I am finding a few things have started to happen. One, I am in greater awe of creation, and have new insight into God's initial plan for Earth and how He plans to redeem it to its' intended glory. Two, I am less fixated on the "stuff" that I typically seek out for entertainment, comfort, vanity, etc., and I am more focused on relationships. And three, I have a greater awareness that my everyday unglamorous offerings toward kingdom work, are in fact noticed in the heavens.

I loved this excerpt from Chapter 13 in which Alcorn quotes an author named Bruce Milne:

“Every kingdom work, whether publicly performed or privately endeavored, partakes of the kingdom’s imperishable character. Every honest intention, every stumbling word of witness, every resistance of temptation, every motion of repentance, every gesture of concern, every routine engagement, every motion of worship, every struggle towards obedience, every mumbled prayer, everything, literally, which flows out of our faith-relationship with the Ever-living One, will find its place in the ever-living heavenly order which will dawn at His coming.” - Bruce Milne

I immediately felt like I could read this in the context of motherhood and be so encouraged. Since raising children IS important kingdom work, let those words sink in for a minute. And let me try and reword that for you; Every stumbling word of discipline, every weary gesture of affection, every struggle to remain consistent, and every mumbled prayer for your child -- it's all finding its place in the heavenly order.

Recently I found myself holding a bucket at the bedside of my seven-year-old daughter as her seafood dinner from earlier that night didn't agree with her stomach. It was the kind of night that required sheet changing, hair stroking, and lots of back rubbing. No one else saw my efforts in that dark room. And no one wanted to be there more than I did. But it's that dirty, selfless, Kingdom work that gets noticed in the heavens. It gets woven into eternity as an act of motherly love, lifted up as an offering.

Keep up the important work of rubbing backs, and holding buckets in the dark, mamas. That's the stuff that gets talked about among the angels, and whispered in the very throne room of God.

Bri Carlisle is wife to Mike and Mama to Ashley and Dillon. You can find her at her personal blog, Woven, where you’ll find a mixture of pretty pictures and heartfelt words. You can also find her frequently hanging out on instagram.

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